Modern Agile

– How to create a high performing team The standard agile way of working is now facing a challenger

Modern Agile are built around four principles with the goal to make customers and employees to shine and give them superpowers. Modern agile is not a framework that interfere with traditional methodology, it fits perfectly to any methodology of your choice and the best thing is that it will still unlock the hidden potential to success. 

The method is used by companies like Google, Amazon and AirBnB, but it can be applicable to any company. That is why we at Avella applied it into our DevOps teams, and the results are astonishing.

Modern agile methods are defined by four guiding principles:

modern agile
  • - Make People Awesome
  • - Make Safety a Prerequisite
  • - Experiment & Learn Rapidly
  • - Deliver Value Continuously

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Make People Awesome

In modern agile we ask how we can make people in our ecosystem awesome. That’s not just your neighbor colleague, this includes everyone: The people who use, make, buy, sell or fund our products or services. How do we make them succeed, shine and feel awesome?

Make Safety a Prerequisite

Safety is a basic human need, and the key to unlock high performing team. We make safety a requirement, a must have, especially if taken on difficult tasks. We protect peoples time, information, reputation, money, health and relations. And we make our collaborations, products and services sustainable and safe.

Experiment and Learn Rapidly

You can’t make people awesome or make safety a prerequisite if you aren’t learning.  We learn fast by experimenting frequently. All experiments should be safe to fail so we’re not afraid to try out more experiments. If you get stuck or aren’t learning, then this is a sign to experiment even more!

Deliver Value Continuously

To be able to exist, become more awesome through working experiments and safe, we need to deliver. In modern agile we ask ourselves, “How could valuable work be delivered faster?”. By dividing larger amount of work into smaller pieces we can get deliver value to the customer even faster.

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